An Introduction (Of Sorts):

If music is said to soothe the savage beast, what is to be said for the fringe genres that would do anything but coddle or comfort any beast, let alone an already enraged one? They also happen to say that, before being cast into Hell for revolting against God, Lucifer was the angel of music, which explains why the crazed, satanic lunatics of extreme metal and noise are so much more appealing than milquetoast contemporary Christian bands. Regardless of how you feel about the more niche genres of music, they are sure as hell more interesting than something like fucking Lifehouse or Jars of Clay. This observation only begs the question: why do the occultists and the freaks engage our senses? What makes genres like goregrind, power electronics, death metal, and noise rock so engrossing and, dare I say, fun?

Not that this question matters all too much in the grand scheme of things. We all have our limits but, for whatever reason, we occasionally like testing our tolerance to the absurd, the deranged, and the filthy. What really matters is you and me, right here, right now, in this infernal church of the grotesque. You see, the Chapel of Ghouls, as the name implies, is a place where the most ghoulish of records take center-stage. Be it a list, review, or whatever else – the articles posted on this site will be celebrations and/or critiques of the evils of auditory mayhem. I am very excited to present this project with you because of the fact that, due to its inaccessible nature, this kind of music is rarely discussed in detail. 

I am mostly just glad to finally be working on something itching the scratch for talking about music most people would find abhorrent. All things repugnant have a new place of worship:

Welcome to the Chapel of Ghouls! Be on the lookout for new content every Sunday (that includes today)!

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