Catasexual Urge Motivation – The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders

Borrowing the ethos of body-horror injected cyberpunk films like Tetsuo the Iron Man and Videodrome, Catasexual Urge Motivation, knowingly or not, explores the theme of exponentially growing technology in a violent world to focus on the future of serial killers. If song titles are anything to go by, the themes here are similar to bands like Macabre and Church of Misery, in that these bands see serial mutilation and desecration of the masses as a means to achieve power. What I find incredibly interesting about Catasexual Urge Motivation is how they blend the respective wills to power of both gore-fuel midnight movies and cyberpunk. Think about it: the way to achieve power in the lyrics and song titles of The Encyclopedia of Murder is made clear by track ten: “Mass Murder, The Only Way To Become God.” Joy, power, and even holiness are all explicitly linked to forcing violence onto the innocent. This much is obvious, but the heavy implementation of electronic and industrial influences implies another means of becoming, as Blade Runner put it, more human than human.

By cybernetically enhancing their odes to abhorrent violence, the band has strengthened the impact and intensity of what they are doing. As crunchy as the guitar is, as murky as the bass tones are, as gurgly the vocals are – this record wouldn’t hit as hard if not for the bastardized Godflesh-esque drum machine beating away in the background and holding the momentum throughout songs like “Multiple Parasexuality Disorder” and “I Am As Beautiful As I Have KIlled.” Catasexual Urge Motivation (who I will begrudgingly refer to as CUM for brevity’s sake) is hardly the only group to create a murder-fetishizing cybergoregrind record with the intent of embodying power through murder and technology. 16-Armed Winged Goddess and Ahumado Granujo (among others) have created records that are bound to scratch the itch caused by CUM (laugh it up). At the same time, I’d argue that CUM is a higher tier when it comes to the ultra-specific subgenre and goregrind as a hike

As with any other goregrind record, CUM dabbles in the kind of misogynistic and irreverent murder-lust that makes it hard to recommend to those uninitiated to the grimy underbelly of grind. Yet, I urge any fans of over the top pulp to give this record a shot. It’s a bit long and definitely not for the faint of heart, but it more than makes up for the beating pangs of guilt that’ll wave over your conscience while listening. CUM really sells this perverted will to power with gusto and gutturals, making this the perfect record for the murderous goons that I assume read this blog. Maybe I overanalyzed Japan’s most shameful grind export to some degree, but that’s my thoughts on the record regardless. For more of how the record sounds/a TL;DR for you lazy fuckers, read as follows: 

Imagine if Godflesh’s drum tone got really into cybergrind breakbeats, General Surgery, and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

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